Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Somethin from 4th year

Here's something from 4th year that I found lying on my harddrive that fills me with nostalgia.  I never posted/finished it because the linework got inconsistent and I was pretty busy at the time.  These are some awesome friends from my time at Sheridan, Spencer Duffy, Jeremy Bondy, Kyle Mowat, Bijan Shahir, Dylan Glynn, and Ian MacDonald, who all appeared as dead sailors in my film.  Miss you talented lads all a ton!

Also, please ignore the magical extra hand.  It was for Parker Bryant, but I had to cut down on my number of background characters to save time! Sooorry bro.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

CSU Summer Arts

Well here's something that's a long time coming--the piece I did for CSU Summer Arts in Monterey, California in July.  I was lucky enough to place pretty well in a CTN Expo demo reel conest and had a good chunk of my tuition covered for it.  I had an amazing time learning from some amazing Dreamworks  animators (and former Disney and  Aardman animators, at that!), our very talented and enthusiastic course instructor, and some wonderful acting coaches too.  It was a crazy two weeks (I never even went to Monterey, except to catch a bus.  We were on the college campus outside of it almost the entire time), learned a ton, and met a lot of wonderful 2D and 3D student animators from across the United States while getting to work with a couple former Sheridan classmates too.  It was a great experience, thanks CTN and everybody else involved!

My piece was based on that awful moment when you can't find your credit card when you're at the checkout.  I hope the ending reads, we got a little rushed for time as we spent most of the first week working things out with our acting coaches and getting some great lectures before we got down to the actual production of things. 

(The card is in his shirt pocket, the cashier grabs it for him.)

Monday, June 4, 2012

just droppin' in

Some sketches from earlier this year. Gotta scan a few things in my new sketchbook when I get a chance.

Monday, September 26, 2011

sailor friends

starring jeremy bondy (twice), bijan, and ian macdonald as arctic explorers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

more film stuff

A character lineup of one design take on my two main characters in different stages in their adventure.

And here's a jolly fellow in the crow's nest at the start of their voyage.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

paintinnnns dump

here's some more paintings in various states of completion:

A sailor on a ship exploring the Arctic loses his nose. My concept for the thesis film has to do with the search for the Northwest Passage, and some pretty crazy stuff went down up there, legit.
Aaaand here's an icy-looking sea captain as well.

Apparently everything I do is Arctic themed, I don't know. This one's gotta get finished some day, it is a present for my good friend, former roommate and fellow fourth-year animation student, Frank Madden. Just two monsters having an interesting discourse at sea, guys.

so I do actually exist

I figure I better post a painting I was working on in the summer. It isn't finished yet, but since we're getting into the swing of our thesis films now I don't expect much time to nitpick in the near future.

Smerdyakov is the most frustratingly unknowable character in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov. Every other character in the novel unfolds psychologically before you in such a remarkably believable and fascinatingly human way, and then there's this gap where Smerdyakov is working unknown things in the dark in his head and Dostoevsky never fills it in. He's an attractively repellant character to me and it really got to me that he never explains his actions in the novel--which is the whole point, I think. So here's some Russian Lit fanart of a real twisted, morally despicable coward wooing a lady with his guitar skills, I guess.

Also I do lots of art, I'll post more of it sometime.