Tuesday, January 5, 2010


There was totally a background to this, butttttt it was not a good one. Maybe I'll try again some day. If you don't know who this is supposed to be you should probably watch some Doctor Who, son, because it is friggin rad. True story.

In other news I cried like a little girl at the finale because I love Ten tonnnnns but I am totally excited for the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith looks fierce in tweed.


Nic said...

You would do a Doctor Who fanart.

But that's why I love you.

dubeta said...

Yeah the fangirl inside of me is hard to control sometimes, I was pretty tempted to draw a whole bunch of li'l hearts around him too but I managed to stop myself.

Jeremy Bondy said...

i like his pin stripes :)

sussman said...

dear dubeta,
this is great
you are cool.
stay that way!
see you at school.